Selena Gomez Owns Her Curves And Body-Shamers Aren’t Having It

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Celebrities shouldn’t be subject to body shaming and that’s what all of Selena Gomez’s fans shamed the body-shamers for.

The Swimsuit

The 26-year-old singer, made front-page news earlier this month for wowing in a white swimsuit. Photos obtained by The Daily Mail on July 1 showed the “Fetish” singer looking healthy in Punta Mita, Mexico.

The paper’s comment section showed many fans giving her the thumbs up for looking happy and owning her curves. However, comments from body shamers were abundant.

The Cruel Comments

“Putting the weight back on I see, too bad” was another cruel comment. It would seem that the comments are nothing short of shaming her for being happy and content with her life.

These were just some of the cruel comments about the singer.

Many of her fans were quick to shut the haters saying, “Stop body shaming, its obvious she has health problems don’t make it worse,” one fan wrote in support of Selena.


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It seems that Selena’s fans are just happy to see her, as many pointed out things other than her body.

Enjoying Herself

It doesn’t look like this incident took a huge toll on Gomez, as she was seen having the time of her life at her friend’s wedding.

Selena Gomez spent one of her final days being 26 celebrating the marriage of her cousin and close friend Priscilla DeLeon.

Gomez was in Dallas last night, where she served as maid of honor during her cousin’s wedding to her now-husband Jay Cosme.

Gomez stunned the event wearing an off-the-shoulder black gown for the wedding.

She seems to be really close to Priscilla DeLeon, as her maid of honor speech was heartwarming. In the speech, she said, ” You taught me to be strong.”

Gomez played a huge part in this wedding as she even brought the bride her dream wedding dress. The bride revealed this in December of 2017.

Gomez being a star has probably seen and heard too many shaming comments to not care at this point. She is clearly in a space where all that matters is her happiness. So people can say what they want but she won’t let it ruin her time.


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