‘The 100’: Eliza Taylor And Bob Morley Confirm Their Marriage Rumors!

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The 100 has been one special show for so many of us. The 6 long seasons that have been going on have surprised the fans at each and every turn. Every single actor has touched our hearts with the marvelous roles they have played out. Seeing Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, Lindsay Morgan as Raven Reyes, and many others, the show has definitely won our hearts. But now, there is some more good news within the cast itself. The stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley confirm the marriage rumors! It’s finally happened!

A surprise wedding!

This is going to be something that the fans are definitely going to cry to. The love that both of them share with each other is just very unique. From working together to making a pact of a lifetime, they have literally come a long way. They have been avoiding the rumors for so long. Now they have finally come out with the truth and spill the truth. All cards are now on the table.

They have tied the knot. To support this statement, they shared a picture of themselves on their social media. The picture confirms that they are already married. This is a big step for both of them. They have made it in the show so big. Coming so far for 6 seasons that they are now ready to live together and spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Like many other famous couples, even these two weren’t very keen on sharing their marriage details. They got married secretly and kept a small party inviting their family and close friends.

Here is the part that is going to be even more exciting. They will now be featuring together as husband and wife from now on. The show has now come to the part where they are building on-screen chemistry as well.

To Eliza and Bob

The 100

Finally to the both of them who have got hitched. They might just live one of the best relationships we are about to see. Let’s cheer them on and wish them the heartiest of congratulations.

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