As A Rebound To Justin, Is Selena Gomez Having A Fling Relationship?

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After Selena and Justin broke up, he got married to Hailey Baldwin. But looks like, something is fishy since Justin does not keep away from Selena.

Bieber and Hailey marriage issues?


Everyone knows concerning the drama between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber earlier than Hailey and Bieber bought married in September. That story ought to have ended there however that was not the case. Really, there have been additionally rumors about Justin dishonest on Selena after they had been the relationship for the final time. Quickly after the information of them breaking apart got here up Justin introduced his engagement with Hailey.

Justin Bieber

Gomez, 26, has fought hard to overcome her battle with depression after checking into multiple mental health treatment centers.

After seeing Gomez bounce back and shine while at Cannes, “Justin felt compelled to let her know that she looks amazing and that he is really happy for her that she is doing so well.”

Haters accuse Hailey!

A fan recently slammed the Justin was dishonest with Selena because of Baldwin.


“You have every right to have your own opinion, by all means, go ahead,” Balwin wrote. “But if you’re going to pass judgment based on twitter posts that is just silly. No matter what the ‘proof’ is that someone thinks they have, I can guarantee it’s false.”


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Selena’s new relationship?

However, fans think that since Justin got back at Selena by marrying Hailey. So they Selena also get back at him by having a fling. She is constantly seen with a mystery man.

A friend of Selena Gomez has told media that Selena has a new boyfriend and is in a semi-serious relationship.

Selena has even skipped Met Gala this year just to spend time with the mystery man. She was photographed getting quite comfortable with her friend on Toy Story Midway Mania ride. They were seen cuddling each other and were very close to each other.

But it is yet to figure out who this mystery man is. There is a big possibility of him being Niall Horan. She was seen spending a dinner date with him at a restaurant where a journalist spotted them together. Or maybe there is someone else?


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