Woman Gives Birth To Twins and They Aren’t Hers!! Know The Story Behind

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In some shocking news, a woman gives birth to babies and they aren’t hers.

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The Discovery

Struggling to conceive the California couple turned to CHA Fertility Clinic. She believed they could help her because of their claims of having the “best infertility treatment”.

After having a daughter in 2011, the couple returned to this treatment center for an IVF procedure in August 2018. The procedure was, however, a fail. They were then contacted months later for a DNA test. What they heard that day was shocking and horrifying. A New York couple who had their IVF procedure the same day had given birth to the Manukyan’s biological son.

All the California couple could say about this was how their hearts were beating outside their body. It felt unreal.

The New York Women

During a shocking IVF mix up, a  New York woman gave birth to two boys, who didn’t belong to her and worse they boys were not even related to each other.

She was expecting female Asian-American twins and did not see this coming. After hearing that her IVF procedure was a success.

The New York couple wanted to keep both baby boys however had to relinquish custody of both boys. The Manukyan’s got custody of their baby after weeks when they won custody of the boy.

Suing CHA Clinic 

The Manukyans are suing CHA Fertility Clinic of such horrifying events. In a press conference, the woman said: “It is terrible not knowing what that child is doing and where that child is”. And how it drove her crazy.

The New York couple is also suing the clinic for medical malpractice and negligence. This is absolutely the correct decision. There were too many mistakes for this to have been an accident.

The Manukyan’s lawyers said, “CHA Fertility Clinic has failed both Manukya and other two couples. There needs to be accountability”.

This is an awful and terrifying situation in which no one is satisfied. The parents of the second child have not come out. The New York couple are still wondering where their own embryos are. It has caused immense emotional distress. CHA Fertility Clinic has not yet responded.

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