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What?! Margot Robbie Admits That She Has Never Watched Star Wars!

What?! Margot Robbie Admits That She Has Never Watched Star Wars!

Star Wars has undoubtedly been one of the biggest movie franchises in the world. The people that look forward to the series, always know that something new is always coming. The franchise has been the favorite for so many famous stars. But unfortunately, there is one star who has not even watched a single Star Wars movie. The fans are actually taken aback. Check out who this famous star is.

Margot Robbie’s unwatched movies list!

Margot Robbie recently came out with the shocking revelation that she hasn’t watched a single Star Wars movie. That is kind of a bummer for all the fans to know. She said that she doesn’t really watch the series because it infuriates the people so much.

The people are actually taken aback. “How?! How have you never watched any Star Wars?!” were some of the quotes that came among the fans. It looks like that the audience is really pissed by this reply. She has not seen a single part of the franchise and would like to keep it the same.

Star Wars

This is not just the only shocking revelation. She made another confession where she said that she hasn’t even watched the very famous “Gone With The Wind”. Well, that is just one of the biggest movies to ever leave out. Her co-stars, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt were really shocked by the response as well. They were both taken back by the fact as to how she has not watched any of these movies.

Citizen KaneHere’s another shocking one. Margot has also not watched the extremely iconic, Citizen Kane. That’s just shocking. How can someone be so big in the movie industry and not watch Citizen Kane? That is just completely surprising for so many.

Margot’s reply

Here is what Margot had to reply to the entire scenario. “I just got here to this industry, you’ve had more time to watch this stuff!’ Then I’d go home and watch Citizen Kane and watch all the movies he’d tell me I ‘had to see.”

Margot Robbie

Well, we got to let her go. She is definitely one of the best and brightest actresses that this generation has ever got. We can let this little matter slip away.


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