Scaring Taylor Swift Was Hands Down The Best Scare By Ellen!! What Exactly Happened?!

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Everybody is a fan of Taylor Swift. And when she and Ellen DeGeneres come together it is a hilarious episode. These relationships help to provide fodder for her popular talk show, but they have also created some truly memorable pop-culture moments as well.

Although the two might not seem to have much in common, they have spent a lot of time together over the years, and fans can’t get enough of their hilarious interactions.

Now, well all know how much Ellen loves to scare her guests and cast on the show. We love it too! Recently she posted a throwback video of one of her favorite scares.

Ellen’s best scare so far!

It was the one where she scares Taylor Swift from back in the bathroom. Both of them laugh their asses off while laying on the bathroom floor.

Ellen captioned it saying, “Still the greatest scare of all time.”

A lot of other fans joined the conversation asking when is she expected to be on the show next.

In 2009, Swift was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Swift went into the backstage bathroom to look for a picture of her and DeGeneres together. Although, Ellen had asked her to do that. The unsuspecting Swift was scared silly when Ellen DeGeneres herself popped up from behind the door – causing Swift to fall down in sheer terror.

The moment went viral and has since become one of the most popular bits on the show of all time.

As proof of their friendship, Swift has spoken to DeGeneres about her relationships more than she has with any other interviewer or talk show host.

Taylor gets candid on The Ellen Show!

On her most recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Swift opened about her previous relationship with Joe Jonas. She told the host that she regretted putting him on the spot in previous interviews. Still, Swift didn’t reveal much about her current relationship with actor Joe Alwyn – but the two have likely chatted about it off-camera.

DeGeneres and Swift have one of the sweetest friendships in Hollywood, and hopefully, fans will have many more years of adorable on-camera moments yet to come!

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