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Katy Perry In A Battle For Copyright Infringement Against ‘Dark Horse’.

Dark Horse has been one of Katy Perry’s best songs of all time. She has made a lot of name behind this song. But now, there are some issues that have been going on. The controversy has been really popular in the last few hours and it is against this very song. Keep reading to know more details about the song.

The controversy

She recently suffered some copyright infringement against her song, ‘Dark Horse’. Although, the fact is that her writers, Dr. Luke, and Max Martin, did claim that they have used some illegal copyrights. Here is a problem with the case. The singer’s attorneys are not being allowed to play the song in the courtroom to prove the originality. So from that, it looks like she is in the long run for this case.

Katy Perry

Out of some frustration and anger, here is what she said: “I could perform it for you live”. Yep. That’s exactly what she said. When Katy was called to the stand, she then reiterated the ignorance of “Joyful Noise”. This was designed to combat the plaintiff coming from the opposition’s side. Perry did claim that listening to Christian music was never any kind of particular focus for her. She went on to tell the lawyers that she is “mostly always listening to secular music”. These comments are absolutely unbelievable.

Perry has been trying to defend her music career to the utmost level. For her, she is making her efforts to the utmost level.


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Defending herself

She even gave the instance of her performance at the Super Bowl. Over there, she was just allotted 12 minutes and she wanted to perform as many songs as possible. She added to the fact that every song she performed that night was also edited. Just like this one.

Katy Perry

Perry is now looking in the safe corner. She’s trying to keep the transparency as high as possible to escape from this mess. From the looks of it, it looks like Katy Perry has got nothing to hide. Let’s keep watching as to how she makes herself win in this case.

May the force be on her side for this one!

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