A Major Throwback To Edge’s Marriage Being Destroyed By Triple H Back In 2008!

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Edge has been one of the most famous WWE superstars of all time. With the kind of love and fame, he has achieved several accolades in the WWE ring. The people have been looking for him after he left the ring. For him, he has had some crazy history in the ring. Speaking of crazy history, today is a major throwback to one of Edge’s most shocking moments in the WWE. You just might be surprised as to what it is.

Edge’s marriage destroyed

Edge’s marriage was exactly destroyed 11 years ago. It was Triple H that came out with a surprise to the fans. Here is how the video goes. Edge was actually in front of the WWE SmackDown audience, all suited up to marry the love of her life, Vicki Guerrero. The people didn’t know that there was a shocker coming.

Triple H came in with a video that held a lot of evidence against Edge. For him at the time, there was a lot of rivalry going on between the two. Now, when Triple H came out with the video, here’s what it was. Edge invited his wedding planner to his home. Now, this wedding planner is also the surprise part as well. She is none other than the one and only, Alicia Fox. This was a shocking turn of events for all of us.

Triple H revealed the secret in several installments. By the end of the video, it was out in front of the public during Edge’s wedding. It was official that Edge made love to Alicia Fox. Triple H then gave a huge smile looking towards Edge. The heat in the ring was real.

Vickie Guerrero teared up


After watching the entire video, Vickie was in a mood like no other. The people who watched it, know that it was one of the scariest days for Edge. That day, Vickie shouted at the top of her voice. She only kept saying one thing, which was “I hate you”. While she was looking at Edge, she burst and things went haywire.

Exactly 11 years ago today. Exactly 11 years ago, Edge was destroyed in front of WWE.

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