Stephen Curry Supports Wife, Ayesha Curry, Even Through Bad Dancing.

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Ayesha Curry was only trying to have fun, but trolls were not liking her moves.

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The “Terrible” Dancing

As anyone would be, Ayesha was ecstatic about her new restaurant. However, people were quick to slam her for her dancing on opening day.

Ayesha Curry, 30, was in good spirits after opening their fourth restaurant of International Smoke empire. In a video, she took a moment to showcase her best Milly Rocky routine.

And yesh was the response brutal.

One very honestly commented “Ayesha Curry should go to jail for dancing like that… man flat out.” While many others agreed to say that the restauranter should stay away for showing any moves in the future.

The Adoring Hubby

NBA star, Steph Curry, was not having any of it. The basketball star got wind of the hate she was getting for her dance.

He said, “Slow news day today I see, huh? Just make sure y’all send me the video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening because we going to keep Milly rocking until that happens.”

Showing how supportive of his wife he is even in the most awkward situations.

Her Success

Ayesha, however, didn’t let that bring her mood down as she continues to celebrate her success.

This wasn’t the only issue she faced that day as she had to face critics, saying her success was dependent on her husband. To which she replied ” “I think a lot of people do not take me seriously”.

This isn’t the first time someone looked down on her. She shared a time when a male reporter was telling her she should “be more like the other players’ wives”. That he literally told her to sit there an look pretty.

The restauranter and mom of three,  daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 4, and son Canon, 1, has definitely shown everyone that she is someone to watch out for.


She posted to social media the opening her new restaurant in Del Mar with beautiful pictures. Saying how grateful and happy she is for the support. Ayesha’s other restaurants are located in Aventura, Florida; Houston, Texas; and San Francisco, California.


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