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Spider-Man: Far From Home. What Happens To Peter’s Identity?!

‘Spider-Man: Far Frome Home’ made an amazing comeback after all the tragedy the fans had to face in ‘Avengers: Endgame’. After Tony’s death, things really haven’t been easy. For all we know, they have just got even harder. To see Peter come back after 5 long years, the fans are extremely happy. There is no amount of love that Peter can’t get from his fans. But here is the thing that shocks us the most. Now, Peter’s identity is in a crisis. It is out in the open and here are the possible dangers that can come.

Peter’s identity jeopardized

For Peter, it looks like his identity has been jeopardized. In the post-credit scene of the movie, we see that Mysterio declares Spider-Man an enemy of the state. Moreover, he even establishes the identity of the web-slinger. Now, Peter is in danger. He has no idea as to how he will save himself from the pain.


If you look at it, then this is directly going on the steps of how Iron Man introduced himself as Tony Stark. Although the difference is that Tony revealed his identity willingly to the public. Here, Peter is scared and does not know what to do. Here are some of the possible outcomes that can take place.

For Peter, he might have to come out to the public. EDITH can help him in the situation in revealing the truth. She will definitely have all the evidence as to what Mysterio did and prove that Peter is the innocent one. Here is the problem. Peter is also in a relationship with MJ. What will happen to that? It looks like he can’t even get out of the house.

Nick Fury actually back? (!)

Nick Fury

Nick Fury is the one who is also in question. In the post-credit scene, it is revealed that it wasn’t actually Nick who came back. It was a Skrull who took his place. Why has S.H.I.E.L.D. been replaced by an army of Skrulls? What is the plot catch here? Let’s just wait and see what the next part hold for us. Will Peter become the next Iron Man? Keep waiting for the surprise.

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