Everything About The Japan Fire!! What Went Wrong?!

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Fire blew out at  a Japanese animation studio in Kyoto today. Many were found and numerous were injured and taken to hospital.

Inside Kyoto Animation Office:

Kyoto Animation Office had approximately 70 employees when the blaze started at about 10:30 a.m. The apparent arson attack destroyed a building at Kyoto Animation, one of Japan’s most renowned anime studios.

Footage of fire attack from a local TV station showed black smoke rippling out of windows of the three-story building. Out of which  with one side of the building mostly charred black.

Lot of injuries suspected!

One person has been confirmed dead alongside 35 injuries, with ten among them considered severe. However the police have said that the death toll will likely be higher. Ten people were found unconscious and presumed dead.

The police suspected a 41-year man and arrested. He is most likely to have set the fire after spreading a liquid. Police are questioning this man. They have proof the he was spreading and lighting a gasoline-like liquid in the 1st Studio building. Although, the man was under treatment at a hospital and yet to give statement.

Kyoto Animation history:

Kyoto Animation, commonly known as KyoAni. The studio is best known for producing shows and movies. The list includes “Full Metal Panic,” “K-On” and “Clannad,” among other works. Yoko Hatta and her husband, Hideaki Hatta, in 1981 founded the company. The most of the studio’s production takes place in the very building that caught fire. Netflix picked up the streaming rights to KyoAni’s Violet Evergarden series and made it available worldwide last year.

KyoAni has developed a reputation for high quality animation with a distinctive visual style. Japan’s famously high-pressure anime industry considers the studio as one of the most hospitable places. KyoAni hires only animators as salaried employees.

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