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PubG Alert: These New Updates In Season 4 Will Change Your Playing Habit Forever!

There is good news for all the PubG fans out there. Soon, there is going to be a season 4 in the mobile game. This is going to be very interesting.

Pubg was earlier a game wherein the player had to jump in, run and survive.

What is new in this season 4 update?

The new season of Player Unknown’s Battleground is going to involve some worldbuilding as well. The cinematic trailer for the new season was released and on watching it, the fans can not wait for the new season anymore.

All you need to know about the cinematic trailer of Pubg season 4!

The video which was released shows us the story of a survivor. It gave us hints about the backstory of Erangel. Erangel is original Pubg map. The video has a voice-over of a boy who narrates how he became the first survivor of Erangel. In 1965, when he was young, his land and home were invaded and everyone was killed except him. This scared boy then realizes that he is the sole survivor of the invader’s attack.

Further, in the video, they have shown that the boy who survived wants everyone to be a survivor as he was the first survivor but he couldn’t be the last one.

Well, to be a survivor you need to kill the 99 others. You can only be a survivor on the cost of the other 99 lives.


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When is the new season updating?

At the end of the video, they have shown that the new season is going to be out on 24th July on PC which is just one week from now. The excitement level of all the fans has crossed all limits.

How is the experience going to be for the new season 4?

The cinematic video which was released shows us an introduction of the new season 4. However, there are going to changes in the design of the game like the change in buildings and houses that have become familiar to the players. There will also be an update on the visuals. The vehicles and weapons are getting a balancing and tuning pass too. There will be changes that will help the players to illustrate or portray the history of Erangel which is going to be interesting to decipher.

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