Boyfriend Wanted: Hot Mama Irina Shayk And Little Lea Out In A Park Date!!

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Irina Shayk is now seemingly enjoying her post-split times with daughter Lea. The beautiful model had married Bradley Cooper ut now that their marriage is done, she has regrets on it and never did they revealed why their marriage broke. The solos are enjoying their single life in their personal way. Then what was that point where Irina felt the need of a man! Moreover is she still single or has been webbed in love strings already. What’s the truth! Let’s find it.

Boyfriend Wanted!

We feel happy and shall notify you that the hot mama is looking for a boyfriend. Sounds super exciting and interesting ..right? On July 17, when the sun was cozing under the bedsheets of clouds, it was when Lea’s mother caught paparazzi eye. Irina and Lea were out for sweet mother-daughter date in the park, wearing the blueberry dress, with little lea sucking her thumb in hot mama’s lap.

Twinning Ladies In Sweet Park Date:

She was enjoying the little princess and this new sweetheart. This man was all smiles and they both were playing with the daughter Lea when suddenly he put his hands-on Irina’s shoulders, partially hugging her. The twinning hot mama and daughter have called it a good day obviously. This is because mama enjoyed and daughter too.

Man ‘All Over’ On Irina:

He was constantly trying to share intimacy whereas Irina allowed everything. The nasty split with Cooper seems that had not affected Irina in any way. She is yet standing strong and open to love. There are many hawkers and lot of a handsome man ready to not lose this opportunity. The man spotted in the park with Irina shall be wooing her and trying to win her heart.

Cooper Chapter Closed:

On the other hand, Cooper may be hung on Irina but now he has started spending time with Lady Gaga. Both are good friends and slowly are getting closer with time. This has been observed by Irina lately. The lady seems to have darted the right arrow at the right time. The independent lady is super clever when it comes to her career.

Career-Focused Hot Mama:

The Russian beauty walked Milan Fashion Week leaving all in beads of perspiration on their brows. “I always admired @donatella_versace for empowering people around her,” Irina nicely captioned the video on Instagram page. “She’s an example of a women’s woman, and a strong powerful human being ? Thank you for another major show. I LOVE U.”

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