Does Luke P. Hit Hannah Brown With Sex Shaming? #TheBacheloretteDrama

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Opa what we got to know?? The bachelorette show is heating the media and Hollywood Paparazzi with arguments between Hannah Brown and Luke. Well, Luke is the former contestants of the bachelorette and now he has packed his bags after a lot of he said and she said dramas. Now, we can see a handful of handsome men wooing her. While the time is right and Hannah threw a backlash on luke for trying cage her in his Masculine orders and sex-shaming her.

Luke Accused Of Sex Shaming?

The fierce woman has almost blown away like our mind by stating an outrageous thing. She says I’m a grown woman, and I can make my own decisions” What to say more? The words were enough to breakdown him. Later, Luke poured out his heart. He said his intention was never to hurt, judge or sex-shaming; her sentiments and freedom. it was just like he was taking their relationship another step forward, which simply meant what he expected out of his relationship because he wanted to tag it as ‘everlasting and forever’ admits of ‘ifs and whys’.

Forked Priorities

Luke’s canopy of desires has not ended here and he still continues to gush his pitcher of emotions. The man expresses each inch of his pain and dismays publicly. But he lays down easter eggs and says he has often people wanting to discover interesting sex partners. The relationship has always meant something special and unique in a way that he could not describe. Such a one-woman liver..woah.Woah. Luke looks forward to not just exploring but living the relationship at a deeper level and the ‘shitty things’ like trust issues and multiple sexes are never his taste.

Hannah Brown Got Clarity!:

Wait, friends, ‘he said she said’ drama is still on fire and that’s when Hannah parted her sealed lips and left Luke all speechless. Her description of relationships with Like had been toxic and breathless. She says “I know that I have given this my all. I have cried, I have struggled”. She adds that there have been so many times that she has wanted to say that she is tired and done with him, but my heart has just not allowed me to let him go, she added. However, it’s true that she prayed so much for clarity and now she feels like free and says ” I have finally gotten clarity on you. And I do not want you to be my husband”

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