Reason Behind The Power Outage Affecting Jennifer Lopez’s Concert!!

There was  major Manhattan power outage spread south to Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. This led to darkness in the Jennifer Lopez concert and evacuating the venue.

Jennifer’s message to the fans:

Lopez took to Instagram to share a message with her fans. She explained that the show had been canceled due to the unforeseeable circumstances.

Taking to Instagram, a “heartbroken” JLo apologized to concertgoers.

“We had just started our show,” the singer explained in the video. “They’re asking everybody to evacuate, very slowly and calmly, and obviously that’s what were going to have to do.”

“I love you. I’m sorry. And I’ll see you all very soon.”

Lopez later posted a second message expressing her disappointment over not getting the chance to perform for her many excited fans.

In a second video, she added: “I just want you guys to know that you’re gonna get your money’s worth. We are going to come back and we’re gonna do an amazing show for you. I am so sorry that this happened. Obviously it was beyond all of our control. The building handled it very well. They did the smartest thing for everybody’s safety.”

Lopez said that what whatever happened, she is gonna make up to it.

Madison Square Garden Staff at the rescue:

The  singer also thanked the Madison Square Garden venue staff and said they did the smartest thing for everybody’s safety.

Fans about Jennifer’s concert!

Reports from disappointed fans began pouring onto Twitter shortly after 9 p.m. Just as the outage originally confined to the Midtown and the Upper West Side blocks south of 72nd Street, spread south to 14th Street.

The arena later tweeted confirming the news of the cancellations and plans to reschedule.

Madison Square Garden’s statement about Jennifer’s concert:

“Due to power outage issues in parts of Manhattan, tonight’s Jennifer Lopez show was forced to end early. We will follow up with tickets buyers to tonight’s show with more information as soon as we have it,” Madison Square Garden tweeted hours after the incident.

The black out was started by a transformer fire that started at West 64th Street and West End Avenue. They swept the west side of Manhattan and left over 73,000 people without power. Power is currently being restored, but many residents remain in the dark.

Coincidentally, the blackout occurred on the anniversary of the infamous 1977 New York City blackout, which led to mass chaos in the city.

Other businesses were affected:

In addition to the cancellation of her show, many productions on Broadway and The Lion King, were called off Saturday night. Many businesses were left  without electricity, elevators stuck and subway cars stalled due to power outage.