How Oprah Winfrey Help In The Devastating Fire Out Break In Maui?

Not one but two fires in Maui. On Thursday, July 11, there was a terrifying fire outbreak in Maui. Here are some pictures provided by the County of Maui. The fire outbreak was so severe it leads to evacuation orders and diverted flights.

The First Fire

It first started on Thursday, in South Maui, which led to a quick evacuation order. It is estimated that approximately 9,000 acres of former sugar cane land and dry brush were burning.

With prompt action, the residents were able to return Thursday night, and by Friday night about 70 percent of the fire burning was contained in south Maui.

Firefighters are going to continue to monitor the fire outbreak that has consumed an estimated 9,000 acres of former sugar cane land and dry brush.

Second Fire

Firefighters on Maui just finished handling the first large dry brush fire, when the second fire broke out in the North, according to officials.

Although, This happened near a business park in Kahului, on the north side of the island. With prompt action, firefighters arrived at the scene, where they found, “well-involved brush fire,” Maui Fire Department’s Fire Services Chief Rylan Yatsushiro said.

“We thought we had pretty much one controlled, then a new one just broke out,” Maui County Mayor Mike Victorino said at a news conference.

The good things is, that there are no injuries to be reported from any of the fire outbreaks.

However, to take precaution, the Gov. David Ige declared the Maui County a disaster area, to implement emergency management.

Oprah’s Involvement

The situation was obviously solved because of the diligent firefighters as well as the prompt action. However, some ordinary yet not so ordinary people also helped.
Oprah Winfrey has a home in the county. She tweeted to confirm that she’s given officials fighting the fire access to her private road.
Gov. David Ige was very grateful for the support and help, to which he replied “a big mahalo.”
However, These types of situations are obviously very scary but with people coming together to solve the issue, makes it that much easier. The great thing is that the fire has been contained and no one is hurt.