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Stranger Things 3 Has Broken All The Netflix Records In Just 4 Days!

Stranger Things 3 soon became one of the most awaited series ever since its announcement. Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows by Netflix. With its first two seasons already doing great. The third season has now seemed to broken all the records.

The third season follows our favorite group of misfits fighting the deadly otherworldly monsters. Which is a common Stranger Things plot?

With over 18 million accounts already finishing the series in its first 4 days after the release.

However, the third season had more than what the previous two gave us. This time our band of misfits was no longer kids. With half of them being in relationships, their problems became more third world. The gang now refused to be addressed as kids and tried to potray more maturity in their characters.

Even our hybrid Eleven became way more bad ass than what she was before. With her standing up for herself and making sure that everyone knew she was stronger than all of them. Eleven in her strongest and fiercest nature easily became the best character of the show.

However, though, unlike the other two seasons, the entire season did not focus on Eleven. Other characters were given fair screen time. Including even screen times, this season also had more humor than the other two had.


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On Monday, Netflix announced that at least 40.7 million accounts watched the series since its premiere on July 4th.

It made a posy saying, “More than any other [Netflix] film or series in its first four days. While also stating that over 18 Million household accounts had already finished watching the eight episodes series in the first four days after its release. This statement was even further confirmed by Nielsen Media Research.

However, both the houses count their “views” differently. Although, Nielsen has been counting ratings for the television industry for years on end. Netflix says that the figures given by them are highly inaccurate. This statement comes backed by the reason that Nielsen only counts the ratings on the TV sets.

While there are other devices that are used to stream Netflix. With the viewership count of these other devices excluding the TV, sets do not come under Nielsen’s rating. Their figure automatically becomes lesser and granular than what Netflix claimed. 

Stranger Things has broken records and even became the second most watched show after The Women’s World Cup Final.

Netflix hasn’t always been open to coming forward with their information about the viewership. Which makes it a bit harder to take its figures as solid facts.

However, Netflix has released statements that it is trying its best to be more transparent.

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