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Will “The 100” Season Finale Solve The Two Mystery Questions? Yes, But How?

The 100 Season 6 Episode 9 marked the exit of longtime cast member and character. It has also raised some questions going into the final stretch of the season.

After the Fourth of July, The 100 returned with an episode that focused on redemption as well as the past. It came back showing off characters who have died and actors who are no longer with the show.

What happens in Season 6 Episode 9?

In “What You Take With You” episode, Octavia struggles with coming to terms with what she’s done and how she can move forward even though everyone hates her. The list includes her brother and herself. Then there’s Kane who doesn’t know if he can live with himself knowing what has been done to him. It’s interesting to see this theme play out in this way, especially since it’s something Clarke had to go through on her own earlier this season.


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Gabriel says towards the end of “What You Take With You”, things are about to get weird leading into finale. And while not too much has been left off the table for fans to wonder about, there are still some questions pending.

However, there are two mystery questions after watching this episode!

What was in the Green Box?

Octavia started to see similar things that she saw approaching the Anomaly after taking Gabriel’s drug/concoction,. And as Pike expressly mentions, Octavia chose the red box, so she has to suffer the consequences of that decision – at least in this hallucination. So what was in the green box? what if memories or experiences have been tamer in comparison to seeing Pike and Lincoln die, and seeing herself as Bloodreina? It’s possible, but we may never find out.


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Are the Primes going extinct now?

Kane took all of the night blood with him when he floated himself, so what does that mean for the Primes? Now that Kane is gone, Abby may not have a willingness to help the Primes. Especially once she finds out what happened to Clarke. Raven has not told anything to her is quiet surprising. What happened to Abby’s daughter is exactly what Raven is trying to avoid. The possibility of making more Primes goes out the door (or the airlock?) without the right blood. This points direction to only one thing that the Primes are now on their way to actual extinction.

Maybe the finale episode will answer all the fan questions,

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