Why Is ‘The Lion King’ Going To Be A Game Changer For Hollywood Movies?!!

The lion king

‘The Lion King’ is a movie by Walt Disney. It involves Simba who is the rightful heir to the throne. He follows his father, King Musafa. Not everyone in the kingdom supports them. Musafa’s brother Scar who is the former heir to the throne has plans of his own. However, Simba unites with his friends, and he figures out how to grow up and take back what belongs to him.

This movie is set to release on 17th July 2019.

To be the first live-action animated movie!

The movie Lion King is totally animated but there is one scene in which there is live shooting. The Lion King” marks the first keyframe-animated movie which was shot on a virtual reality set with a live-action aesthetic.


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The results are really cool. Amazingly, Jon Favreau, the director was able to pull all the scenes of the movie to be seen so naturalistic that it actually feels like a wild animal is talking when their mouth is moving with the voice over of the actors breaking into songs.

Did Jon Favreau risk it?

This movie could have gone wrong in so many ways. The director did take a risk but maybe he was sure that he was going to make it right. Hence, he decided to go ahead with it.

This might not be an Oscar-winning movie, but Jon Favreau did a really good job with all the technicals and the songs of movie too suit. Remakes usually don’t get Oscars anyway.

Cast of The Lion King

The casting actor and singer for this movie are Donald Glover as Adult Simba and Beyoncé Knowles Carter as Nala. Every other voice actor are so rich and distinctive, from the returning James Earl Jones as Mufasa and Chiwetel Ejiofor as his evil brother Scar to Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as Pumbaa and Timon and JD McCrary as Young Simba. Favreau admitted that Timon and Pumba were the most fun characters to create.

Everyone is excited to see how this movie has worked out and it will indeed be a great experience to watch it in theatre. Keep you tickets ready!



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