What Is Julia Roberts Up To After ‘Homecoming’?

Julia Roberts is already trending a lot with her series ‘Homecoming’. But after ‘Homecoming’ we haven’t seen her much in any movies or TV shows. This leads us to our main question. Where is Julia Roberts? What is she up to? Are there any upcoming movies or TV shows that we should aware of? Let’s find out!

Upcoming Projects

It looks like Julia is on the run to make some new movies which haven’t been officially announced yet. But Julia definitely coming out with some new movies. One of her upcoming movies that haven’t been announced is Little Bee. Let’s get a little backdrop on what the plot is about.

Little Bee is the story of a 16-year-old Nigerian orphan. She then meets A British couple on vacation and then collides with them. It is a story that progresses on a timeline of 2 years. That is quite the storyline to look forward to.

Julia Roberts

Another project to look forward to is ‘Small Great Things’. This movie is generally about an African-American nurse where she becomes the target of a white supremacist couple.

Another project coming up is ‘Wife 22’. This is a story where a woman is suffering from a midlife crisis. But then she alters the course of her life and then she divulges into a scientific study of happiness.

These are a lot of projects to look forward to from Julia Roberts. She has been aging and the worst possible news that can come is that she might call it a career run. Julia might just retire anytime soon in the coming years. After that, she may sit back and enjoy the upcoming movies herself.


For those of you who haven’t seen coming, you should definitely give it a watch. It is one of Julia Robert’s best performances in modern times. There are rare performances that are worth being looked forward to. This is one of those performances.


Until then, keep waiting for these upcoming movies and dive into some of Julia’s good old work. Here’s to Julia and the coming success. These coming movies will be a super-hot for all the die-hard fans.