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Riverdale: Camila Mendes And Cole Sprouse Become Hilarious Models On Instagram!

We love Riverdale, don’t we? Especially at the time when it comes to the cast. The love for the main guys is just undeniable. They are just the cutest people that you can ever wish for. Even their Instagram is full of so much fun. Speaking about their Instagram, it looks like some of these cast members are looking to model around for fun. Check out who they are!


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Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse

Recently, Camila posted a video on Instagram where she was just fooling around while looking into the camera. Along with her, was none other than Cole Sprouse. It was quite funny since both of them were just fooling around trying to be models. Camila uploaded the video with the caption, “models.com”.

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It’s true. They were looking absolutely hilarious while making those weird faces. This was something to look forward to. The people are now looking forward to something even more interesting! That is the next season of the show. These small videos tempt us to go all out for the next season of the show. Let’s see what the next season might be looking forward to.

Riverdale Season 4

The fans are excited to know as to what’s going to happen in the next season. Especially what happened to Jughead. He is the mystery that everybody is trying to crack. The last scene of the season finale was very tense. Jughead was nowhere to be seen and the other characters were starting to burn their clothes on fire.


That leaves the people at major cliff-hangers. We don’t really know as to what happens next after the Gargoyle King. The identities that were revealed came as a sudden shock to everybody. Who knows what takes place for the town of Riverdale.

Also, don’t forget that Hiram Lodge is still alive and planning to get out of prison really soon. His time is coming up pretty soon as well. He might turn out to be the biggest antagonist of the show. Who knows what’s coming up from him? Keep up with the new seasons. The new twists are about to take you on an intense ride.

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