Leonardo DiCaprio As Rick Dalton. His Best Performance Yet?

Leonardo DiCaprio is all set to give us his next performance. He will now be shown as Rick Dalton in the upcoming movie, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. This is the 9th film coming out from Quentin Tarantino. We all know that every performance that Leo puts forward to the people becomes a masterpiece. He is just too good an actor that it is hard to decide which role did he play the best? Let’s look at some of his famous roles and see if Rick Dalton is the best he’s ever played.

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson

Moreover, Jack Dawson is undoubtedly one of the best roles that he ever played. His role as Jack has been one of the best roles in all of his career. He was even nominated for an Oscar for that role. Sadly, he didn’t even. The admiration that people have to date for his character is something too excessive. Even after doing many other roles after that, it is still prevalent in modern culture.


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Jay Gatsby


Hence, Jay Gatsby has also been one of the most influential characters in cinema. The characters that stay for a long time as a businessman play out some great roles. His role as the man who invented a great empire was something definitely to look forward to.

Jordan Belfort


This was undoubtedly one of the best roles ever played. Leo as Jordan showed the stockbroker’s image in a way that no other actor could pull off. It’s amazing to see how Leo can get so comfortable with an insane character like Jordan. That is one aggressive businessman. To Jordan Belfort and Stratton Oakmont.

The one yet to witness: Rick Dalton


Rick Dalton looks like the easy character out since Leo didn’t have to improvise much with his looks. But then again, he is playing the role of a man who is an actor himself and he has to pull that off really well. The fans say that he is absolutely brilliant and can pull this off with ease. To the new role and the coming success. Here’s to Leonardo DiCaprio and the love.