Jon Favreau Talks About Beyonce With Regards To ‘Lion King’ On Jimmy Kimmel’s Show.

“Lion King” is now one of the most awaited movies. The hype that it has built up with regards to the cast is something else. The people are now ready to witness the greatness that Jon Favreau has to present. The people are now looking forward to the more special performances that every single actor has to bring. Just look at the cast. Donald Glover, Beyonce, Seth Rogen, Eric Andre, and many others. These people are now about to put on one of a kind movie. But now, Jon Favreau went on to talk about Beyonce a bit on the show of Jimmy Kimmel. Let’s see what he had to say.

Jon talking about Beyonce

Now when it came to the topic of Mufasa, Jon talked about her in great length. To him, she was someone who was a Go for him and their kids. He said that he was very lucky to get her as one of the cast members. It is a dream for everyone to hear Beyonce’s voice over as Nala, in the coming movie.

He talked about how his kids were big fans of Beyonce and had put up posters on the wall. The way Jon said it, Beyonce is a different person on stage, and then a completely different person backstage. Jona and her family went to see Beyonce perform at the Rose Bowl. He described how Beyonce has a way of creating energy in the crowd. She is someone so aggressive and passionate on stage, that every single person will love her.


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After the performance was over, Jon told Jimmy how they met her backstage. They saw how she was an absolutely amazing host. She is someone who is a God among many. Her life has been surrounded by so many fans.

Lion King

With the overhyped audience who is constantly nagging for the press to release the film as soon as possible, it can’t wait. Lion King has to come out now everywhere so that the fans go crazy. The whole world is excited to see the remake that the fans have got for us. Let’s go, ‘Lion King’!