Joan Kelly’s Philanthropy Is Worth A Salute! What’s So Special?

Joan Kelly Walker has had one hell of a journey. She is an inspiration to all of us. She is such a hardworking and ambitious woman! She brings elegance back to our modern times. She grew up in Wilcox, Saskatchewan. Since the very childhood, she had an idea of the power of goal-oriented hard work which makes a difference in life. Joan had an infinite love for reading and storytelling. Without being afraid of what would happen, she made her career in media with the love she had towards reading and storytelling.

Joan goes Step by step

From writing as a journalist to broadcasting, hosting, producing and voice-overs, Joan excelled in her career. She excelled at translating her message across all media avenues. Most of her opportunities started in Toronto but she ended up landing in Canada and the USA.

What is philanthropy for Joan?

Joan thinks that her career’s uttermost aim is to communicate stories that mattered. This led to the beginning of her love of and commitment to philanthropic work. Joan wants to let everyone know that philanthropy is not just “signing cheques” but it is a process of creating a sustainable change through love and education.

Joan’s new program!

Currently, Joan is focused on her “Starting Strong” program in Cambodia. This program is led by Joan herself with the support of her husband Don Walker.

The “Starting Strong” program focuses on pregnant women’s health care newborn babies. They are looked up for 1000 days to make sure they get the proper nutrition that is needed.

Joan’s philanthropy is worth a salute!

Joan has 2 boys and 2 stepchildren. She believes that every child should get a fair chance as humanly as possible. And that is why she continues to work and look after the newborns and their mothers.

Joan has always had a passion for fashion. And her passion was very pure. She loves styling clothes. She expresses herself with the clothes she wears. She also wants to empower women internationally. We all live in different parts of the world and we all have something for us that will suit us. She believes that fashion has the power to unite. She believes in confidence and authenticity and that is what her aim has been throughout her journey!