Brad Pitt Photobombs Like A Boss In Margot Robbie’s Picture!

Brad Pitt is always the fun one every time he goes to set. It looks like that is why he is in the news today. He is probably the most entertaining one on set. He recently photobombed Margot Robbie in her promotional photograph for “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. Let’s look at the details.

The photobomb

When Brad photobombed the picture like a boss, Margot seemed to absolutely fine with it. It seems that anybody would be comfortable with Brad photobombing their picture. As soon as the picture, the photographer got a photo of perfectly photobombing like a boss. Here’s the interesting part.

Brad Pitt

You think Brad only did it once. He found it more interesting to photobomb on his way back. He thought it would add some more fun to the picture. It seems that Margot enjoyed the mood of the picture. But now, the pictures have gone viral all over the internet. The people on the cast get along really well. Now, it’s all left to the wait of releasing the movie.


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Margot was wearing a beautiful white dress while Brad was wearing a casual grey t-shirt. This kept both of them look cool. But obviously, nothing can get better than the photobomb. That was probably Brad’s best move.

Cast shots

After the solo pictures were taken, Margot then slipped out of the mood. The entire cast then came in for a group shot. This included Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Quentin Tarantino. So many legends in one picture. It is quite the picture. The movie is to release on the 26th of July and the people can’t contain the excitement anymore. There is now a new movie which the people are looking forward to.

Brad Pitt

All we can say right now is that now you have to watch the movie to see how each actor played out their roles in Tarantino’s new movie. Book your dates for 26th July as Tarantino is coming back to give you one of the best projects of his life. Let’s cheer them on! Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is about to hit the theatres near you.