Adele Is Turning Everyone’s Heads Around After Her Split With Husband!

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In April, Adele split with her husband Simon Konecki. Since her split, Adele has lost straight 14 pounds. Looks like someone is working on revenge body!

According to sources, Adele has started a fitness regimen. She has hired a personal trainer in Los Angeles. She has a 60-minute session. The session includes cardio, pilates and circuit training. She is really enjoying her routine because it is working out for her.

Adele’s debut of her new figure!

On June 15, at the Spice Girls Concert, Adele turned around many heads due to her perfect slim figure.  One of her photos with other artists went viral on the internet and fans were going crazy by looking at her. She posed with a peace sign in the picture.

On July 5, the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ singer amazed the crowd at Celine Dion’s concert in London’s Hyde Park.

Adele’s view on weight loss.


To move on from the break up of her marriage,  Adele needed a change in her life. So she found a way in which she could lead a happy life and inspire people as well. She says that she didn’t just start her fitness regimen to get slimmer and for weight loss, but she was thinking about her 6-year-old boy. She wants to set a good example for her child and also it makes her stay healthy as well. She is more focused on the health benefits and feeling good rather than weight loss.


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The fitness regimen has really suited her well. Adele never liked working out. But we can tell now, by looking at her that her thoughts have been completely changed about it. She loves working out and exercises three times a week. No wonder she lost 14 pounds.

Marriage split working well for Adele!

It seems like her split has been a good reason for her to focus on herself. The fans have been falling head over heels in love with her.

Adele’s new boyfriend?


In recent news, Adele was spotted with Alan Carr’s husband holding hands. He was considered as her new boyfriend due to mistaken identity. But those rumors have been cleared from the air. The man who she was with was Alan’s husband Paul Drayton.

This was very hilarious for them because the trio is really close to each other. In fact, Adele hosted their wedding as well.


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