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The New Pikachu Action Figure Is On Its Way! Watch Out Fans!

We all love Pokemon, don’t we? And we’re pretty convinced that the best Pokemon of all, is obviously none other than Pikachu. Pikachu has gone so popular as a character that he might just be one of the most well-known animated characters of all time. Even the new movie on Pikachu has been attracting fans aggressively! Now here’s another point where Pikachu is about to go popular.

The new Pikachu figure

This time, ta new Pikachu figure is coming out for all the fans to play with. It’s a miniature version of him sitting on a Psyduck floatie. It is quite an appearance if we have to see it. This will now be available to the fans in the store as soon as possible. Now you can enjoy this little action figure to any limit that you want to. It is all coming out for the fans to make them happy!

It’s finally been realized that since it is summer, Pikachu needs to be out in the sun more. More preferably chilling in a swimming pool. This is the kind of influence one animated character can have over the audience. The people are now obsessed with Pikachu that they want to buy all the merchandise. Pika has now become the new cool for all the fans. Let’s see about Pokemon in other news.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

You all remember Pokemon: GO, right? It has now become one of the best games for mobile. But unfortunately, the new version that is released in collaboration with Harry Potter is not doing so well in the market. The game is said to under-performing by many fans who are now playing it. This new version has not satisfied the people in any way possible.

Harry Potter

The only thing we can say is that you might not want to miss the new action figure that is coming out. This new action figure on the Psyduck floatie might just turn out to be the super-hot figure that we are looking for. Here is to Pokemon and most of all, Pikachu. The love for the cute little guy will never really die.

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