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Snoop Dogg Gives The Best Reaction To Tekashi69’s Trial!

Tekashi69 is still behind the law and now his case file is getting warmer than before. Now, the only thing left to hear is the verdict coming from the court. He is currently filing the battle to stay out of the racketeering case which has been committed on his name. Tekashi already has a lot of legal members on his time. This includes Lance Lazarro, Dawn Florio, and Emma Maya Greenwood. When the case wasn’t seeing any good turn, other matters started coming up. Let’s see what they are.

Snoop Dogg’s reaction

Judging from it, it looks like Snoop Dogg gave the beat reaction to Teakshi69’s case. It looks like DJ Akdemiks posted a picture on his website a few days ago.

The post was news of Tekashi hiring 21 Savage’s immigration case lawyer, Spiro, to become his lawyer on the case. To that, Snoop Dogg reacted, “Let that (rat) rot. Rot G code”. This is a very defiant reaction coming from the very own, Snoop. His name has been in the news for this very reason and now is getting to make some rivalry against Tekashi69. We just pray that Snoop doesn’t get stuck anytime soon in any legal trouble. It’s not like he said anything wrong. If anything, he actually supported the right side of the case. Tekashi doesn’t deserve justice for this at all.

Tekashi69 hiring 21 Savage’s lawyer

Tekashi69 just hired 21 Savage’s lawyer. He was also frequently used by Jay-Z. Now, who knows, after this, Tekashi just might get out safe. But if not, then he might have to face some amount of jail time to serve justice to what he did.


He has now become one of the typical errors of hip-hop where he is now also starting to resort to prison life because of illiterate cases such as racketeering. We might not really wish for him to win. But we never know how the law may support him.

Let’s wait for a verdict. The new lawyer might just be the trick to winning this case. Who knows that Tekashi might be freed pretty soon, and all of this will be over before you know it.

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