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Rita Ora Leads The “Prime Day Party” With Some Great Sizzle!

We all know how Rita is when it comes to the world of fashion. Her wardrobe is just one to look at. She is always the fashionista wherever she goes. Never has she backed down from looking the best at any event. Let’s see what she is in for!

Rita at the ‘Prime Day Party’

Recently, Amazon’s ‘Prime Day Party’ took place in London on Wednesday. She took on the competition for being the best dressed at the entire event. She was wearing a silk black shirt with the words of Edmund Spenser’s epic, ‘The Shepheardes Calendar’. If you had to ask, then she looked like a total Egyptian goddess. Her appearance was no less of a sizzle. She had excessive makeup on but it definitely made her look amazing. She brought some big heels along with the dress. We can’t say it was a complete disaster. It’s great how she managed to walk with such ease with tall heels like those.

Late that night, the clothes got changed. She then put on a black leather jacket with fitted snakeskin pants. Looks like it was time to get comfortable after all the heavy load from the other dress. Prime Day was basically a celebration for the online streaming service that Amazon has now been providing for so long.

The fashion trademark

It looks like Rita Ora is out to make a statement to the people that she wants to trademark her fashion. You especially want to look at the eye-level that has been perfectly maintained throughout the entire event. This looks like the perfect summertime look. There is no way that she is backing down anytime soon from such a competition.

Rita Ora

Rita is now looking forward to producing some new music and bringing it out for the fans. Let’s see what happens now. Her social media is really active. So, we will keep getting to know what she is up to. Until then, keep admiring the looks that she is putting out for all of you out there. You wouldn’t really want to miss it! Go enjoy the Prime Day bash!

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