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Jane The Virgin: Villanueva Family Witnesses Some Changes!

Jane the Virgin is such an amazing show! The people are now heartbroken that they are now in the last season of the show. It’s been a great run for Jane Villanueva and the family. But now, the people are more devastated about another fact that is out. The Villanueva family is now going to go through some changes. So, let’s look at the changes that are going to take place.

The changes in the Villanueva family

Here are some of the changes that the family is going to have to witness. We saw how Jane’s inspiration to write a book just suddenly kicked in and now her dreams of a writer are finally coming to be true. Jane thought that if she finishes the book, that would solve all her problems. Well, not exactly.

Jane the Virgin

While she was spending some quality time with the girls, it was shocking to see that her mentor revealed the book editor. Here is where the twist comes in. Jane then decides that she wants to put writing aside and achieve other milestones in life. Jane then decided to sneak the manuscript because they were facing too many rejections. Even Rogelio was a part of the plan as well. Now came the struggle of Petra

Peta received bad news that her mother had taken a horrible turn. Even if Petra had an unstable relationship with her mother, it was hard for her to say goodbye. But then again, she faced and bid farewell to her mother. Here, things took another turn. When the story was found interesting by the editors, Jane then consoled Petra on the matter.

Final moments of the episode

There were some emotional final moments of the episode. One of the twists was that Magda ended up regaining consciousness. That was something no one expected at all. It ended on the scene where Rose got herself ready to put her agenda into motion.


Not spoiling much of it, you’ll have to see it for yourself. This might just be the finale any show has ever given. Keep watching fans. You might go into tears by the end.

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