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Is Drake Still Having Any Feelings For His Ex-Girlfriend, JLo?

Drake has been one of the most successful rappers ever. His sons have been primarily about relationships that he has had. We all know that the “God’s Plan” rapper is known to have an ex-girlfriend who is known as Jennifer Lopez. Yes! That’s true. But here’s the more important question. Is Drake still missing JLo as the girlfriend figure? Let’s find out right now!

Drake at her performance

Now for those of you who don’t know, then Drake was spotted in Toronto last week, where he was attending Jennifer’s concert. It looks like for Drake, every week his name is being linked to one woman or the other. Who knows what’s going on? Around 2016, there was a fling between both of them which was coming really close. Lopez then posted a photo of herself and Drake where Drake is giving her a hug from behind while looking into the camera. Even though love was short-lived, it was still really popular when it came.

For Lopez, it looks like she has moved on from that history and doesn’t look forward to having a relationship with him. Not that we know of. But now, Drake is the question here. Is he still left with a feeling for JLo? The fans want to know pretty badly.

Where is Drake and where is Jennifer?

Currently, Jennifer is on the “It’s My Party” world tour, where her location one of the shows just came up in Toronto. So she is in the city of Drake. As for Drake, it looks like he is currently in his hometown. Speculations that he might be working on his next album.


His celebrations went on hard with the Toronto Raptors, that when they won, he released a song. The name is “Money In The Grave”. It is a song dedicated to the Raptors winning the championship after so many years. For now, all we can say is that we hope to see more of Drake and make the best of it. It looks like he has moved on from that relationship and is not looking for one right now.

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