# Hush- HushStories: Jennifer Aniston Is Now Like “Lets Have A Coffee Cuppa” With Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston

A beautiful season blossoms in Jenn’s life. The Moment is right and fresh..for the singles to mingle. Ah..and Jennifer Aniston is out on her way to get that buttercup of love. The beautiful couple had played hide and seek with media for their dating rumors in the 1990s and later on, they boomed us by getting knotted in lovely wedlock in 2000. It awesome marriage for both of them but they announced quit in 2005. The couple broke the hearts of their huge fan base.

Dating Again?

Jenny’s and Brad common friend Clooney is one among those fans who want them back together. Also, George Clooney is one of the best friends of Bradd Pitt. He wishes for the reunion of his cupcakes. A pretty villa, bought by Clooney is already calling the sweethearts. The news was sealed and said that the good man bought the villa for his parents.D does George wants to see them together?


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Sources say “Brad and Jen stayed at a very private villa in Rome. George organized it all, saying he was booking it for his parents so there would be no prying eyes.”

Ready to love?

Recently, Jennifer has revealed that she is always open to love and love is that one thing that she never gets tired of. Moreover, Brad says that she loves the pretty woman and they are healthy friends. He explains that she is one of that personal friend whom he doesn’t want to lose. Further, he had already grabbed traffic by attending Jenn’s 50th birthday party this year. The beauty drama of Jenn’s love life is quite frivolous and insane. Jenny described both if her marriage is successful and sculpted a daunting desk by saying that they married because they want to be happy. She explained that it was a difficult time for her after Brad whereas Brad being the low brow critic, tagged their marriage dull and ‘not interesting enough’.


‘The Sexiest man alive on Earth’ – Brad had already fallen for Angelina Jolie on shooting sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2004. Now that the Jenny had divorced Theroux and the sexy couple; Brad and Jolie are in custody battles of divorce, the golden boy is “collapsed” and finds comfort in Jenny’s company. Never old enough to rekindle the lost romance???… Ugh..ah..the tangles of rumors are once again letting fire on Hollywood paparazzi. The ex-couple is now single at the same time. Now that we are witnessing that, unsurprisingly, successful marriages came to an end. Will the healthy ‘Friendship’ turns out to ‘Love’? Let’s watch!!


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