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Are Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Planning A $17 Million Wedding? Here’s The Truth Behind

According to an alleged source, the duo is ready to say their vows by the beach.

There has been recent news about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez going around. According to the news, the duo is ready to say their vows. Moreover, they have even planned a wedding by the beach. The wedding is rumoured to be around $17 Million big.

But is this the truth? Or just a hoax?

According to Gossip Cop, a famous tabloid known for debunking gossips as such, the whole news is nothing but fake. Jennifer and Alex have not yet even talked about getting married. Let alone plan a whole 17 Million Dollar wedding.

The source in question here is an anonymous person who claimed that JLO had even picked her wedding dress. According to this questionable figure, Jennifer had bought a beautiful skin tight wedding gown. The gown was picked specifically so that it would accentuate the godly curves that the singer has. She apparently had even planned to wear her hair in a bun. With a white veil flowing past her face down her shoulders. Adding more bogus to the story, the “source” even added that the former MLB star and the singer have fixed a date sometime in September.


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Besides all of this, the source even added that Jennifer was already on her fourth wedding planning. Further concluding that the costs of the wedding is going to be over $17 Million. As if that wasn’t enough, this apparent source, went on to say in the news that the wedding will greet its guests with Krug champagne. There will be gourmet hors d’oeuvres and lobster flown in from Maine with multitiered wedding cake decorated with edible flowers. The news ends with the source adding a fictitious cherry on the top saying that the couple will exchange there vows during sunset by the beach.

How do we know that the whole news is fabricated?

Jennifer Lopez, in a recent interview in KTU, confirmed that the couple only recently got engaged and were in no rush. Lopez further added that as soon as they wore the rings they stepped on their work schedules. Since their professional lives are still on a pedestal. She further concluded that the couple hasn’t sat down and really talked about it. Confirming that they weren’t sure if they’ll even have the wedding this year or put it off until next year.

Moreover, Lopez also confirmed the fact that neither her or Alex were in any rush in late May. They are glad to take things slow since they have a busy year ahead of them. Since, “they want to take their time and do this right”.

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