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A New Member Added To Eva Mendes’ and Ryan Gosling’s Family!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling look amazing together. We can’t take that away from them. Both of them are known for their movies and are always admired. Their relationship is something that we will never get tired of. But now, it looks like they have added another member to the family. Let’s see who the new surprise is!

Say hello to ‘Lucho’!

Here is a surprise for all of you. The ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘La La Land’ actors revealed that they just adopted a Doberman puppy named Lucho. He is from the ‘Friends for Life Rescue Network’. The people are now so happy after looking at a photo. It’s amazing to see that they are now looking for another family.

Eva uploaded a picture on Instagram with Lucho. She encouraged all her followers to adopt other animals from rescue groups and if they are not able to do so, they could at least donate to a non-profit organization. Finding Lucho was also a great way for Mendes to support the cause. Here is what Eva exactly had to say on the matter. “If you’re looking for a fluffy family member, adoption is a great option. So many little dudes out there needing a home.” She then later on added by saying, “So many little dudes out there needing a home. If you’re not able to have a pet but love animals, you can donate to this nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible. Your donation helps keep animals off the streets and out of shelters where they euthanize.” That is quite the lovable cause coming forward from Eva.

Eva and Ryan

It looks like Eva is not coming up in any movie anytime soon. She has been inactive for a lot of years. So now, there are not many expectations left for her to make a comeback. For Ryan, he currently might be working on a project which we may have no idea about. So, it’s hard to say what is up for both of them right now!


So for now, follow their message and keep supporting the helpless animals in need.

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