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Where Is Zayn Malik These Days? Is He In Depression?

Zayn Malik has now been on a break for so long that the fans are starting to suspect where he’s gone. The people usually suspect that he has been working on the next album for the fans. If that were true, then at least there would be some kind of news or promotion that would have come out. But it looks like that this is definitely not the case right now. Let’s figure out when he plans to come back and what might be his future plans.

Zayn in depression?

There were definitely a lot of stories that Zayn has been going through a lot of stress lately. His focus has not been on the music. He has been distracted for some sort of reason. Who knows where he might be? The only thing the fans want is for him to make an immediate comeback. There is nothing left to wait for anymore. And that is what the fans are crying about.


He recently did make his comeback on social media by tweeting a few days ago. He tweeted the name of a Bollywood song, named “Enna Sona”. The fans went crazy. The fans guessed that Zayn broke his hiatus and he is about to make a remake of that song. Although, these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed.


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Zayn coming back to music now?

Now there is nothing confirmed about it, but it looks like that Zayn might be coming back to produce some new songs. It seems that people have been waiting for too long. After some great hits such as “Rainberry” and “Sour Diesel”, he stopped making songs. Not entirely, but it looks like he took a big break.


His last appearance in front of the media was at the premiere of Aladdin. After that moment, he was nowhere to be found or spotted. This is has been quite the alienation from the world. Break it Zayn! We want you to come back and make music!

The distress phase looks like is now over and Zayn is back! He is supposedly working on his next album which will make him reign the charts again! “PILLOWTALK” king is back!

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