Angelina Jolie’s 7 Wardrobe Essential Everyone Needs To Own

Angelina Jolie’s timeless fashion sense is a must have for every fashion enthusiast.

Angelina Jolie is known for her basic yet chic fashion. Her neutral taste in her outfits. Define feminity with grace and comfort. Her overly sophisticated style can sometimes be called boring but with no bad intentions at all. In fact, the actresses wardrobe is so in sync and fashionably casual, she doesn’t fit in trends. Steering away from the accidental faux pas, here are the 7 essentials from Angelina’s wardrobe to yours.

1. Red Lipstick

Angelina Jolie

Jolie is widely known for her patent red lips. It suits her well and is an obvious must-have for anyone who wears lipstick. There is no way one can ever go wrong with a red lip. Be it a cocktail event, a date or even a casual night/day out with friends. A red lip is sensual yet sophisticated. It’s bold and a statement in itself.

2. A Neutral Tank


Angelina Jolie has done a great job of proving that your “boring basic” neutrals are not at all boring or basic. Jolie has been seen pairing her neutral tanks with midi skirts, Blue jeans, trench coats and of the like.


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3. The Trench Coat

Angelina Jolie

Angelina has been seen wearing the classic trench coat with almost every outfit. This piece of clothing is one in which you will see her more than often. A simple outfit or even a party dress can be completed by the chic coat.

4. Kitten Heels

Angelina jolie

You can see Jolie rock these timeless pair of heels in most of her off duty outfits. The piece will forever stay in trend. And is your best companion when it comes to providing comfort while staying trendy.

5. A White Button Down


Whose wardrobe can ever be complete without a white button down? The chic piece reeks of sophistication and is Jolie’s all-time favorite to wear. Paired with a pair of cropped jeans and a trench coat and Jolie serves timeless fashion.

6. Loafers

This pair of footwear is something that has been in trend for the longest of time. Although not everyone’s favorite, it definitely is Angelina’s favorite pair to wear with anything monochromatic or laid back. Loafers give you comfort and that lush expensive vintage feels.

7. A Tote Bag

Angelina Jolie

There is hardly anytime that you will spot Angelina Jolie walking around without one. A Tote bag is a chic alternative to carrying a backpack. It fits all of your essentials in making you look sleek and like you mean business.