Will Johnny Depp Win The Case Over James Franco As Witness? The Unpredictable Situation!

Johnny Depp’s legal battle with his wife is getting intense by the very second. The ex-couple are in a brawl against each other. The verdict is still unannounced. The case has gone on for so long and it looks like it’s not planning to stop anytime soon. The fans have been concerned about both their reputations. There is nothing yet. But now, we now have a new man in the case! It’s none other than James Franco! James Franco looks like the man who can stop the legal battle between the former couple. Keep reading!

Johnny vs James

This looks like a battle in which James will be facing some hard questions! These questions will determine whether Johnny is innocent of this defamation case or not. Amber claims to have said that Johnny abused her and that this is a case of domestic violence.

But now, new evidence has come in where we will unfold the details. A video has come in from the source, ‘The Blast’, where it shows a clip of James and Amber in an elevator together. The faces still haven’t been identified clearly. Especially with regards to Franco. Franco’s face was majorly hidden in the video. It is hard to come to the verdict whether that man in the video was him or not.

Amber’s defense

It looks like Amber’s defense point is also James Franco. He is the middleman of this case. With a single statement coming from him, James Franco can decide where the direction of this case is headed to. Nobody knows as to what will happen next. We have to wait for a long amount of time to see what will happen next. It looks like the ball is in James’ court. There is nothing he can do to get out of it.

James Franco

The video footage is still not confirmed yet. So no faces have been identified. We have to wait for the results to come out so that there is no misunderstanding.

Until then, hold on to your seats and keep watching the news! Who will win this legal battle? James, all eyes are now on you. Finish this once and for all!