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Love Island Will Bring Two New Shocking Faces In The Show!!

Love Island on Netflix is set to introduce two new faces after four current contestants get an axe. Reports suggest that the original plan is of two girls, but they have two boys on standby. The decision is not certain yet.

Amy controversy:

Reports also said that the dumped islanders are on their way back home. Meanwhile, former air-stewardess Amy, 26, told producers she wanted out after an overwhelming week. She saw her half-boyfriend dump her. So she had to quit the show after her heartbreaking split from Curtis Pritchard.

Fans were worried for her after Curtis began flirting with Maura Higgins. Amy previously put her heart on the line when she admitted she had fallen in love with Curtis, only for him to admit he had second thoughts while she was in Casa Amor. Amy’s dad was concerned to watch her go through the rigors of Love Island.

Viewers were given just 30 minutes to vote to save their favorite couple after last night’s episode. The ones with the least votes got into the boot, and everybody had to vote out one more couple.

Surprise elimination MasterCard!

Reports say that Islanders are all shell-shocked after the dumping which went on until the early hours of the morning. They were under the impression that just one couple was going but then they found out they would have to pick the second one.

When everyone was celebrating Anna Vakili’s 29th birthday, Maura Higgins received a text asking the Islanders to gather around the fire pit. Everyone’s worst nightmare came true and completely out of the blue as they celebrated Anna’s birthday.

The couple with the least number votes dumped from the island and, with the other two pairs thinking they are safe. That’s when Tommy Fury receives a text explaining that is not the case.

All of the Islanders faced leaving the show despite the fact very few of them remain in real couples.

The viewers were certain behind Danny and Jourdan leaving the show. The reason was that they failed to get air time for a couple of days in a row.

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