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Vin Diesel Just Drops News That Fast And Furious 9’ Is Three Weeks In!

You’re going to be very excited to hear this one. Fast and Furious 9 is now three weeks into its shooting. This is one of the best news that one can ever get. The movie is coming up really soon for all the fans to witness. Vin Diesel just recently posted a video on Instagram dropping all the details.

All the details!

He started off by saying “week 3’. This is the best news right off the bat. The people can’t wait anymore after this. Vin then talked about all the actors that are there. Some Oscar names came right off the bat such as Charlize Theron and Helen Miren.

He then gave the news that a new-comer is now also a part of the family. You all know how it is. The rumors have been confirmed for good. It is the very own WWE superstar, John Cena. He then said that John is going to play an excellent role in the movie. This Instagram video was shot in London.

Vin also talked about the different locations where he has been for filming. Some of those locations include London, Cape Town, The Middle East, Africa, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and many others. He then went on to proudly appreciate the Dominican Republic. The aggressive support for the country coming from Diesel was quite a happy moment. This is just building to be the most exciting movie ever! Nothing’s ever going to be the same without Paul Walker. But it’s alright. The franchise will always go on. Here is the caption that Vin gave for the video:

“Week 3!
The world’s saga… it’s CENA not SENNA Vin. Haha.
All love, always.
#Fast92020 #Fatherhood #GratefulVin#PaMiGente”

The excitement level!

This movie is about to give us a lot of chills and a lot of nostalgia at the same time! This is going to be the best thing that will ever happen to us. Probably one of the best! The family is back for more action. They are ready to excite the audience once again.

Fast and Furious 9! Here we go for one more ride!

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