Angelina Jolie Looks Stunning As Always In Her Beautiful Eye-Catching Brown Dress!

Angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie, yet again, grabbed everyone’s attention by her stunning brown dress, with her makeup on fleek. She was accompanied by her 10-year-old daughter,  Vivienne leaving from her hotel in Paris.

The Maleficient star is spotted with Jacqueline Bisset, 74, who is her godmother.  Jacqueline was a close friend of her late mother Marcheline. Just a day ago,  Angie was out with her kids  Vivienne and Knox having some fun and shopping in Los Angeles and the next day she was stunning in her beautiful brown dress and walked like a queen out of that hotel in Paris. We’ve got to admit that she is quite fast on the move.

Moreover, She wore a light brown dress with long sleeves and long skirt and paired it with a brown belt that showed her perfectly shaped body. She paired it with a pair of tan sandals. She tied her hair in a tight bun and had worn brown sunglasses. Her nails were perfectly manicured and painted red matching with her lipstick. It isn’t sure yet if all of her six children were there but Vivienne was spotted. She was waiting outside the hotel for her mother beside a bodyguard. She wore casual blue jeans and a T-shirt. There were no signs of jet-lag.  She was smiling nicely.

Vivienne is the only one who is seen spending a lot of time with her mother. She is the youngest one and the other teenage kids find their own activities.


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