Shawn Mendes And Camilla Cabello’s Dating Rumors Finally Have An Answer

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Camilla Cabello gushed over Shawn’s performance while not killing the dating rumors.

Shawn Mendes’ July 5th L.A concert literally shook the stadium. While Camilla Cabello cannot seem to get enough of him. The “Havana” hitmaker isn’t really doing much to kill the dating rumors as much as she has been fueling it more. While at the concert Camilla put up an Instagram story gushing over the singer. She had the camera pan around the audience. Later showing Shawn Mendes on the piano. She tagged him and said “you couldn’t be more amazing. Wow”.

Camilla lived her fangirl moment and made sure that we all knew about it.

She even added a few heart emojis to the caption.

She later posted another story. This time she tagged Shawn and said “You’re unreal.” So if her calling him amazing wasn’t enough. She gave us more of her fangirl moments with her Instagram story streaks.


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Cabello looked at her usual beautiful self. As she had come down as a goddess herself. Dressed in the most elegant white long sleeved top in silk. She paired her silk fantasy with a chic flared denim pants giving us a hint of retro. While she made sure to flaunt her signature brown hair. All wavy and luscious, she sure came dressed to impress.

The duo have been shipped for as long as they have known each other.

What initially looked like a platonic relationship, seems to have blossomed into something more.

And the fans couldn’t be more happier about it.

Shawn Mendes and Camillo Cabello had been dodging the bullet various times. When asked the question about them dating. They would often laugh it off. Shawn even once joked that they hated each other and cannot stand each other in real life.

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However, ever since their sexy Senorita music video. Things seemed to have spiced up between the duo. With the video showing them getting unabashedly close. They seem to be getting just as close in real life as well.

The couple was seen walking around while holding hands only recently.

More so, they were also celebrating the 4th of July together. Where Camilla was seen getting all cozy with Shawn. With all these pictures surfacing it does not leave space to question their relationship anymore. For it only keeps getting obvious that perhaps after years and years of waiting. The couple truly is romantically involved with each other.
Ever since Camilla’s breakup with Matthew Hussey. She has been asking her fans to not be hateful towards him and the people around her.

Camila also attended the Oakland concert with Shawn.

After attending Shawn’s concert in LA, fans expected to see Camila again. Earlier, she gushed about how good he was in LA. Between the shows, the were spotted in San Francisco with their PDA routine. As fans interpreted, she was there to cheer him at Oakland concert as well. It was magical the way she looked at him while her performed. Shawn has got himself a very hot cheerleader!

However, the fans hope that the Camilla and Shawn ship takes off and the couple finally get together, this time romantically.


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