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Kim Kardashian Shared A Too Adorable Bonding Video Of Her Daughters Over The Weekend!

Kim Kardashian is the biggest and best of them of all. With the kind of fame she has, she’s the queen of all Kardashians. Her Instagram is a strong 143 million followers. Her posts are also something worth dying for. Here’s the new lovable post that she recently came out with. Kim and her kids make a great picture for the gram. So let’s look at what Kim came out with this time.

Kim and their children’s nursery

Kim is known for the cool lifestyle. Ever since being a mother, she has adapted to the lifestyle where she keeps things to a minimum low. Giving a lot of time to the family, which includes spending time with her kids and also giving time to Kanye. Here is where she comes out with the new post. The people are now loving her.


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Now here’s the post. She recently posted a little video of her kids where one of them is combing another one’s hair. It’s quite cute to look at. That is the one thing about Kim’s Instagram. It’s so versatile in nature. She posts everything about her social life which is basically what we want from every celebrity. Ever since the birth of her little girl, Psalm.

Kim has recently been posting a lot of pictures with her baby girl, Pslam, who is the new addition to the family. For those of you who don’t know, Psalm was actually born through a surrogate. She came out with the truth later on after the baby was born. Nonetheless, she was very proud of having another addition to the family. They are now a strong family with a great legacy in front of them.

Kim in other news

Kim has been quite the model recently. Well, when is she not? But here is she what she came out with. She went for dinner in Beverly Hills wearing a stunning orange dress. She was captured with quite an amazingly candid look. The celebrity appeasement for all the Kardashians is just quite high.

The love for this Kardashian is not stopping anytime soon. She recently won a legal battle over her fashion lawsuit. Let’s just say that it was not a small amount at all. It was a victory of £2.1 million. That is quite a big amount to take away.

Let’s keep getting some more amazing posts from the best Kardashian of the lot. Here’s to more good vibes from Kim Kardashian.

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