Disney Is Launching A Complete New Look Of Little Mermaid & Its Interesting


Disney has always provided some of the most beautiful princesses of a fairy tale which hasn’t only inspired little girls and also has flowed a new women empowerment feel in every adult girl.

Innocent Mermaid

So, probably you all might have been aware of the beautiful innocent mermaid with orange hairs, yeah right her name is Ariel and now unlike every old face of her Disney is now coming with a new face of Ariel. Disney has signed actress and singer Halle Bailey for the new forthcoming live-action Little mermaid, which seems like a very iconic character.
Chloe x Halle is a contemporary R&B duo composed of sisters Chole and Halle Bailey. They are American and released their debut Sugar Symphony 0n 29 April 2016. Their album “The Kids Are Alright” was also nominated for the Grammy award in 2018.


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Undoubtedly, Ariel has got the sparkling eyes and the small-nosed Disney Ariel which we got to watch in the old The Little Mermaid 1989. Ariel is not only the gigantic Disney character but the song “I Want” is a Disney canon. Disney in the past has provided many of the gigantic live actions as Maleficent which was launched in 2014 which turned out to be a huge success. Bars are always high when it comes to the live action remake of Disney stories. This one also has the strong cast of Melissa McCarthy could play Ursula. Also, Awkwafina and Jacob Tremblay have signed to play the role of the seagull and the flounder fish.

The New Look

Although the face of every other Disney princesses is quite similar to each other which is quite disappointing. Face syndrome of classic Disney heroines like Beauty and the Beast’s Belle and Aladin’s Jasmine or say Tarzan’s Jane has the common face shape. This was noticed by the Tumblr user name Alex who created a post comparing that same mold for the face of every Disney princess with a round cheek, big eyes, and a small nose. That clearly means that Disney has been showcasing the same face from back 30 years.
And now finally a new face has finally emerged from the white face and orange hairs to something new, which are definitely increasing the excitement of all the Disney lovers.


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