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Amber Portwood’s Domestic Battery Arrest Has Gary Sending Best Wishes To Her

Gary Shirley sends his prayers to his ex-wife her Portwood following her domestic abuse charges.

Amber Portwood was arrested on the grounds of domestic abuse on the 5th of July. Following which her ex-husband Gary Shirley took to Twitter sending her his best wishes. Showcasing hoe he has nothing but good intentions in this tough time.

The twitter post was more of a supportive message written not only for Amber Portwood but Andrew Glennon, who she’s been dating since 2017, and their baby 14-month-old son James. The tweet read “My prayers are with @AmberLPortwood, Andrew, & most importantly baby James, idk any of the particulars, however, I’m thinking of them. And for all the questions and concerns Leah was/is currently camping with her best friend,.” Leah is Gary’s 10-year-old daughter whom he shares with Amber.

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Amber’s arrest came after her boyfriend pressed charges on her on the ground of domestic abuse.

According to Andrew, Amber had allegedly hit him while he was holding their baby James. Apparently, Amber lost her temper during an argument with Andrew. So it was the result of a disagreement between the couple that provoked Amber to assault him.

However, Portwood has been arrested by the Indiana Police and the case has now been given in the hands of the Indiana Department Of Child Service. Since this case involves her 14 months old son James as well.

Portwood has always been open about her bipolar disorder.

She suffers from borderline personality disorder. Which can be counted as a reason to her recent lash out. Reportedly, she has been taken under custody after the events unfolded.

Not the first time that Amber has been reported for portraying abusive behaviourism.

However, she is somewhat notorious for her hot personality. As she even assaulted her ex, Gary. She was arrested back in 2010 on the account of two felony charges. One felony count of neglect of a dependent plus one misdemeanor count of domestic battery. Although she pleaded guilty to both the charges. She had to serve jail time yet again because she had violated her probation. In accordance to that arrest, she was also condemned with prison time from June 2012 to November 2013 due to backing out of a felony drug charge plea deal.

Although, with all the hard times that the former couple had to face. They seemed to have matured out of the situation. While still keeping their relationship on platonic and healthy terms. But it still remains unclear whether or not her incarceration this time will wreak havoc between her and her daughter Leah’s relationship. Since there are chances this event will affect her time with her daughter in the future.

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