Kim Kardashian Won A $2.7 Million Lawsuit! But Why?


It looks like 2019 is a lucky year for the 38-year old socialite, Kim Kardashian. As she just won her lawsuit against the UK-based clothing retailer Missguided for selling knockoffs of her designs. It was reported that the reality star was awarded $2.7 million in damages and another $60,000 in attorneys’ fees from the retailer.


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What Actually Happened?

It was back in February 2019. When the beauty mogul filed a lawsuit against the fast-fashion brand Missguided for $10 million in damages. She claimed that the fashion retailer used her name and likeness on social media, without her permission or any compensation. To promote and increase sales of knockoffs of her own legitimate brand.

The clothing company never actually acknowledged to the lawsuit, so Kim was awarded the sum by default judgment on Wednesday.

How It All Started?

This plagiarism battle has been a long one for the megastar. It actually began on the 17th of February when Kardashian West was spotted in a vintage Thierry Mugler dress while attending an award function. It was only a matter of days when the design was replicated and marketed by Missguided.

On February 19th, she wrote in an Instagram story about how “devastated” she felt after seeing the “blood, sweat and tears” of “true designers” being ripped off blatantly. She further went on to clarify that there is absolutely no “relationship between” her and “this fashion site. There is not.”

KKW v/s Missguided

Kim Kardashian

In another instance, Kim posted a picture of herself in a gold dress. By Kanye West’s Yeezy Designs and jokingly requested fast fashion brands to “wait” for a few days “until she wears the dress in real life”. To her horror, Missguided accepted her challenge and commented,

The devil works hard but Missguided works harder ? @kimkardashian”, on a picture in which the model can be seen wearing a rip off of the dress worn by Kim. They went on to warn Kim that she only has “a few days before this drops online”.

This wasn’t the only incident; the fraud fashion retailer has often used photos of the model to promote their counterfeit designs. They continued to tag her on social media, which made some believe that she was in fact associated with the brand. However, she constantly denied the claim. They also used Kim’s personal Instagram pictures, without her permission, on their website alongside their knockoffs.


Missguided has now permanently been obstructed from using Kim’s trademarks, which include her face and other assets, to sell its merchandise. The fashion retailer has since deleted all its posts featuring Kardashian from their Instagram and their website.


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