Jennifer Lopez’s LAS Blaze And Mexican Twin Are Hotting Up Media Cream.


The wild undertones of her music and sexy voice is all charm and charisma for America.
Likewise, when Jennifer Lopez sings “You gotta sing You gotta dance You gotta have good times”, she dishes out pure ecstasy and loveliness in the Little Caesar arenas.

Jennifer Hits The Detriot stage

Jennifer Lopez

The magma and beauty of Hollywood planet and “Uh what to say more?. The ‘Ariel’ of pop music is out there throbbing millions of hearts all around in the American streets. Meanwhile, she is all festive and feeding her fans with love who are in all madness. Tapping feet to the Lopez musicals for the first ever Motor city show “It’s my party” tour. The Las Vegas Concert Residency is enjoying the superstar Jenney fragrance all over.

Lopez Fragrance Hits:

She is witnessed powerfully sprawling charm and delicious delights for her fans and creating endearing moments. Further, Lopez’s Manager says their goal is to translate Hollywood shows into the world stages. The blazing lights, sizzling dancers and Jenny, shaking her booty in all party spirit and her upcoming 50th birthday celebrations joy made the American streets drunken. The on-stage party drama made the audiences high and soaked them in the party glitter.


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Pampers Fanhood

The Spanish TV Univision features the super hot Latino, Jennifer Lopez’s s lookalike recently in a show that has arrested all the folk hearts and left her fans all wondering.


Connie says “I finally got the opportunity to meet Ms. Jennifer Lopez, the LEGEND, my ICON, and the woman that has motivated me and impacted my life in so many ways! This day changed my life. I had been waiting so very long for this day to come. I’ve never been so nervous in my life! It has been 1 year to date that I announced to the world that I would be doing the first ever tribute to her.”

‘We look alike’ moment:

The woman was called to awestruck and the eyeballs rolled on the Spanish gala premiere floor, the world was taken by her star striking looks that almost resonated our Jenny in all ways. Jennifer met this beautiful Mexican damsel who shared her joy drops and outpoured all the locked emotions.

The lady is called Connie Pena and especially came to pay the tribute to Lopez. The lady had been following up Jenny’s sophisticated looks from her luscious locks to her stunning attire. Such inclination of the lady’s adoration, admiration, and love towards the pop star Jennifer Lopez is frolicking everywhere in social media. Instagram now blushes with this cherry pick updates of her Lopez clone.


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