Lil Nas X Slowly Becoming A Synonym of Success. Diamond Level Success!

Lil Nas X

The only man who should be sitting on a throne right now is Lil Nas X. The rapper has been making so much success in recent times with his track, “Old Town Road”. This one track has been dominating the hearts of so many. It’s not far from becoming a worldwide anthem. The track featuring Billy Ray Cyrus is something that has made sensation look like an easy game.

Diamond Success

It turns out that “Old Town Road” is the first song in 22 years on the Billboard to achieve diamond certification while staying in the first position. That is such a huge achievement for the rapper. This song has definitely been winning the hearts of so many people across the globe. It has been on repeat for so many of us. The addiction just can’t stop.


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The last song that was able to achieve such a record was Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind”. It held the same record for being on the top charts and receiving diamond certification at the same time. That was the first diamond hit ever back in the year of 1997.

After Elton John, there were many songs that were acclaimed to be diamond hits. Hits such as Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie”, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and many others have reigned the charts as well. All these legendary hits have made people get down to their knees. ‘Old Town Road’ has now been added to this list as well.

Lil Nas X and Gordon Ramsay make paninis

It’s one of the collaborations that you would never really expect. But you got it now! Gordon Ramsay and Lil Nas X make paninis together on their very first meet.

Judging and deciphering from this fact, the rapper is looking forward to his next song, titled “Panini”. This is going to be a barn burner if it comes out any time soon. It was recently there that Lil Nas X tweeted to Gordon Ramsay while he was in London, saying, “Teach me how to make paninis while I’m still (in) London.”


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Now that is a partnership we are looking for. Here’s to the both of them making paninis. Also, to Lil Nas X’s ultimate success of Old Town Road along with Billy Ray Cyrus. Here it goes making more records. Shattering billboards all day long.


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