Deadpool 3 Not Going To Release Anytime Soon, Says Disney Owned Fox Films

Deadpool 3

Deadpool’s future became a bit tenuous after Disney announced its fresh Fox-owned film calendar at the start of May. Buried under the headlines about “Avatar 2” being squeezed into December 2021 and finally “The New Mutants” coming to the theatres in April 2020, it was all the confirmation that Disney does not presently have any “Deadpool” films scheduled for the foreseeable future.

Instead, through “Avatar 5,” the company announced Fox films in 2027 and alarmingly deleted from the calendar three scheduled Fox-Marvel films: one earlier scheduled for June 2020, one for October 2020, and one set for March 2021. One of those Fox-Marvel films might have been “Deadpool 3” or Drew Goddard’s “X-Force” spinoff film.


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Now that Disney owns 20th Century Fox, the properties of Fox-Marvel such as “Deadpool,” “X-Men,” and “Fantastic Four” will finally be able to cross into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, owned by Disney. “Deadpool” has a close association with the “X-Men” movies, and Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios boss, has already said that the mutants will sooner or later join the MCU (although Feige added that fans will have to be patient, “it will be a very long time”).

Now that the Fox-Marvel X-Men franchise has finished with “Dark Phoenix” this summer, the MCU will most probably begin with fresh performers from scratch.
Brolin is absolutely willing to continue as Cable in the MCU in the event you hadn’t noticed, but it’s Disney’s call now.

Disney & MCU

To be honest, we don’t see why he can’t, because the casual moviegoer probably doesn’t understand the distinction between Disney’s MCU and anything that Fox has published; after all, they all start with the “Marvel” logo. Thanos is also a CGI personality, so why not let Brolin do his work in Deadpool 3 or elsewhere as the flesh-and-blood cable?

But what about Deadpool? Fox adopted the raunchiness of the character and released two “Deadpool” R-rated films to worldwide box office success. The R-rating is intrinsic in “Deadpool’s” attraction, but it runs against the MCU films’ PG-13, which is more family-friendly. This conflict has resulted in many comic book film supporters to ask if Disney is even going to want to incorporate the personality of Deadpool into the present MCU. For now, a definite response will have to wait for Brolin and his co-stars.


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