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What You Must Know When Moving Overseas?

Moving overseas can be of great excitement and you would be so fascinated for the same. Moving to a new country is an extremely exciting journey, but it can also be frightening and overpowering. Depending on the country you are moving in, you might need to find the way not just for a new language (which is intimidating enough on its own), but a new culture and government which has entirely different rules and regulations. Here are some of the basics which you need to know when you are getting into a new country.

Depending on your new home, mail delivery might be less than consistent, and many companies ask for an official mailing residence. It can be just a P.O Box, but it’s suggested to have an address that someone will be sure to check regularly in case you get something that requires an urgent response. Whether you give them access to your P.O. Box or have your mail sent openly to their place, make sure it’s someone you trust who can check the emails regularly. So given below are further details to it.

Get a Local SIM Card

This is very important as if you don’t, you’ll pay roaming charges, which can cost you a lot.

Know the Visa Requirements

If you are moving overseas for work, then the employer will be taking care of your residency requirements over there, but still it’s a good idea to make sure you know what all is needed. Every country has its own visa and residency laws, and they could be pretty confusing too, so make sure you check and double check the needs of your new home so as to face any unwanted circumstances.

Take Care of the Basics

What about healthcare facilities? Many, but not all, countries expect working expats to put in to and contribute to their state coverage plans. Know if this will be relevant to you and your family, and make alternating arrangements if you are not covered in the plan. You should also figure out whether your driver’s license of the former country will be accepted, or if you’ll need to obtain a local license. So knowing this is very important if you want to have a vehicle. Finally, if you are moving with school-age children, you need to know the basics of both state schools and private options.

Stay in a Hotel or Airbnb First

You should never agree to rent an apartment (and you certainly shouldn’t buy any property) before you actually have a look into it. Doing so across international borders leaves you susceptible to scams and there are always people in every country willing to take benefit out of that vulnerability. If you have never been to the country that will be your new home, you must opt for staying in a hotel or renting an Airbnb when you first get there so you can look out the local area and decide which neighborhoods you prefer. For this reason, it might be best to keep most of your things, including your furniture, in storage, until you find a place to shift, which means you will also be required to have a storage option before you go into a new home.

Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

Foreign transactions on your credit cards often result in immediate security alerts, which can result in getting your accounts getting shut down so you can’t use them. Be sure to avoid this horrifying situation by informing your bank(s) and credit card companies where you are moving to and the date of your move. Along with this, you need to see that your credit card does not have foreign transaction fees because credit card companies won’t waver to charge you a fortune for those transactions.


Even it is also important that you leave a Copy of Your Passport, Credit Cards, and ID with someone in the former country you are staying in. This is because if something happens to your luggage, or you get mugged, you could be stranded without using your money or identification. Be sure to make photocopies of all your cards and identification and leave them with someone in the previous country you resided so that they can fax them to you in case of an emergency.

Moving cross country is a complicated process and ensuring it to be smooth is important. The best long distance movers offer great help in planning and executing the move. The professionals also offer a checklist to plan your move – step by step. You can always discuss your long distance move requirement with your movers and ask them for customized solutions. The best cross country moving company offer the best assistance at the most affordable price.


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