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SHOCKING!! Selena Gomez Breaks Silence On Kids Being Mistreated At Detention Camps

Selena Gomez makes a post on her Instagram talking about the inhumane treatment at border detention camps.

Recently, Selena took to Instagram speaking about the condition that the kids live in at the border detention camps. Along with various voices speaking out for the sake of humanity. Selena stands in support and becomes one of those voices too.

The conditions in which the kids are being kept in these detention camps was never a secret. When one of the authorities of the camps made a statement saying “Why do they need beds and water? They’re being detained on illegal grounds”. It sent everyone into a rage. With a statement like this the way the Trump government works came out to the public as even more inhumane. Although, it was never news that the Trump government is full of, as the people say and we quote, “psychopaths”.


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Selena put up a black and white picture of herself with the caption. ““Kids in cages! Sleeping on concrete floors with aluminum blankets! No access to simple dignities! How is this still happening??? It’s absolutely inhumane to treat anyone like this let alone children. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. We need to get this to finally stop! Don’t stay silent on this human rights issue- please call your reps 202.224.3121.”

However, many took the post with hate comments over the choice of photo. Users told Selena that she should’ve posted a picture in accordance with the issue. Rather than of her pretty face. Calling her out for being privileged, unlike the poor kids.

While the others called her a queen for using her platform to address such issues.

Gomez who herself belongs to the Mexican American heritage. Was obviously personally struck by the whole issue.

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Various officials like a group of lawyers and a physician visited the camp. They compared the conditions of the camp to a “torture facility”.
The visit was granted after the news of flu infestation in the McAllen facility broke out. Various lawyers expressed their concerns and said that people need to be held accountable.

Various doctors who have visited the facility have also described the conditions to be extreme. With the lights being on 24/7, cold temperatures, no provision of beds, no sanitation, the facility is a powerhouse of diseases.

Many mothers explained how they weren’t even provided with washing facilities for their infants.

Gomez has previously also spoken up about the abortion law. Emphasizing the right of women on their body.

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